After working with healthcare professionals for over 30 years, I recognize genuine compassion and care for clients when I see it. Age Wise Care Management, Inc. (AWCM) has that distinction. Lots of companies and health care systems get clients to their appointments, monitor health, and connect with client’s primary doctors; but this company also makes sure that clients emotional and spiritual needs are being met. Whether it is keeping an Alzheimer’s patient calm during a dental appointment, celebrating a last birthday, or counseling a bereaved family, AWCM takes care of all the details. Age Wise Care Management Inc. is what your family needs.
Professional Testimonial


I could not be happier with the service I received from Age Wise. After being abruptly thrust into the caregiver role for my aunt, I was at a loss as to what resources and facilities were available. Complicating the situation was the fact that I live 8 hours away in a different state. Age Wise was able to provide a local advocate for my aunt, transportation and supervision at medical appointments, and was an important local contact to ensure my aunt was receiving the best care in the most appropriate setting. I can’t recommend Age Wise enough. They are compassionate, caring and knowledgeable.
Satisfied Client
We started working with Melissa Cronin and Age Wise Care Management during a crisis with a family member who had to be hospitalized. I am the power of attorney for this family member and live out of town. Melissa was great about staying in contact with me by phone and advocating for the family member who could not advocate for herself, while in the hospital. Melissa visited multiple times a day and spoke regularly with the doctors, making sure that the treatment progressed as we wanted it to. There is no way we could have gotten through this ordeal without her and we all feel blessed to have her on our team! Since then, she continues to check in with our family member and with me, and has attended medical appointments as needed. Melissa is responsive, makes herself available when necessary, and is very professional. Additionally, she is intelligent, warm, friendly, very caring. I can’t imagine finding anyone better than Melissa to help our family!
Satisfied Client


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