If you are overwhelmed by the demands of care-giving for loved ones close to home or far away, let our experienced, and compassionate care managers be your guide…no matter what level of care is required. Learn more about us >


At Age Wise Care Management Inc, clients are at the heart of what we do.  We provide individualized services based on your needs that ensure continuity of care for aging individuals and their families. Learn more about the services we offer >


As our society enjoys ever increasing longevity, more and more families are finding themselves navigating the intricate network of Aging Life Care™ options. Many adult children are challenged by balancing their own lives, logistical issues, career demands, and financial responsibilities while ensuring their loved one receives the attention deserved. It’s during these times of transition that a care manager can make an immense difference.

Age Wise Care Management Inc. offers professional geriatric care management services to families struggling to care for an aging loved one. Others with disabilities may also benefit from care management. AWCM works with clients across the lifespan. We have extensive experience with older adults, and we are well versed in the specific challenges presented by clients with special needs, such as mental illness and developmental delay.

If you are overwhelmed by the demands of care-giving for loved ones close to home or far away, let our experienced, compassionate, and empathetic care managers be your guide. Learn more about our services >

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  • Attend medical appointments and medical support
  • Serve as trusted liaison to families near and far
  • Identify needs and problem-solve
  • Relieve stressed family members and caregivers
  • Promote independence and safety
  • Be informed of medical and community resources
  • Receive unbiased advocacy and referrals
  • Choose short-term or ongoing assistance
  • Monitor your loved one while you are away
  • Benefit from researched care and living options
  • Pre-plan for crisis management


As a nurse, case manager, executive director, and now concerned family member, I’ve had the pleasure of working hand-in-hand with AgeWise. Over the last 5 years, I’ve experienced the upside of their holistic approach to meeting patient and family needs. The benefits that AgeWise provides encompass the spectrum of service delivery for patients with limited support, distant family relationships, and even mental health issues. To put it simply, their purpose is to help guarantee the quality of the patient’s care, and to afford the family a lowered level of stress in managing their loved ones’ medical, and care issues.

I am VERY familiar with the agencies that provide this type of care in Central Illinois. I would be remiss in recommending any other agency than AgeWise.

RN, Insurance Care Manager
Working with healthcare professionals for over 30 years, I recognize genuine compassion and care for clients. AgeWise Care Management, Inc ( AWCM) has that distinction. Lots of companies and health care systems get clients to their appointments, monitor health and connect with client’s primary doctors.. This company makes sure clients emotional and spiritual needs are also met. Whether it is keeping an Alzheimer client calm during a dental appointment, celebrating a last birthday, or counseling a bereaved family, AWCM Inc takes care of these details. Age Wise Care Management Inc is what your family needs.
We started working with Melissa Cronin and Age Wise Care Management during a crisis with a family member who had to be hospitalized. I am the power of attorney for this family member and live out of town. Melissa was great about staying in contact with me by phone and advocating for the family member who could not advocate for herself, while in the hospital. Melissa visited multiple times a day and spoke regularly with the doctors, making sure that the treatment progressed as we wanted it to. There is no way we could have gotten through this ordeal without her and we all feel blessed to have her on our team! Since then, she continues to check in with our family member and with me, and has attended medical appointments as needed. Melissa is responsive, makes herself available when necessary, and is very professional. Additionally, she is intelligent, warm, friendly, very caring. I can’t imagine finding anyone better than Melissa to help our family!
Satisfied Client